We the People…..

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The first three words in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States are, “We the people….”

Those three words apply to all of the citizens of the United States of America both at the time of the writing of the Constitution and today.

We the people…are at fault for the mess this Nation now faces, all of us.

We the people…elected those that represent us in all of the State and Federal governments. Generally with less than 50% of those eligible to vote participating.

We the people…have sat back and watched the Government’s growth go unabated to the size it is now. (Approximately 34% of the work force are Federal employees)

We the people…have allowed wars to be waged with no exit strategy in place, or discussed and planned. Plus a declaration of war has never been done since WW II.

We the people…watched as the Government removed funds from the Social Security trust account and finally closed the trust account.

We the people…have never asked the GAO what happens to the millions of dollars paid into the U. S. Treasury by illegal aliens working and receiving W2 taxable wages from American businesses. (Using SSN numbers stolen via ID theft) It is in the millions if not billions on a yearly basis.

We the people…witnessed the U.S. Government ‘bail-out’ businesses world-wide without any requirements for them to disclose where the funds went.

We the people…have had the Federal Reserve secretly disperse $16,000,000,000,000.00 dollars of the American citizens money to businesses and banks around the globe with no accountability as to repayment and at a 0.00 % interest rate.

We the people…continue to allow the Federal Reserve Bank to exist with no regulations or even a basis for their existence. The FED is under no branch of the Government, so how do they continue to exist?

We the people…have let the U.S. Government spend billions of dollars in Foreign Aid, yet the Government did very little, if anything,  to help those American citizens hurt in local disasters inside our own borders.

We the people…do not have a Government that has secured our borders.

We the people…watch as the illegal aliens deplete or dilute our resources in both the public and private sectors of each state that borders with both Mexico and to a lessor extent Canada.

We the people…continue to allow the Government to keep adding programs that provide products and services to welfare programs that are not necessary and increase the need to tax working Americans to fund these programs.  The ‘lifeline’ cell phone and services are one of the latest in the list of ‘gimme’ programs.

We the people…have allowed those that we elect to represent us to continue to serve even when they are more interested in representing themselves. (We keep re-electing them.)

We the people…stand by and watch as those that represent us pass bill after bill giving themselves ‘entitlement’ programs, i.e. salaries, pensions, medical care, and protection services that only they are able to receive.  Much of this is activated with as little as a two (2) year term of “service”.

We the people…need to decide what type of Government we want. If we want the ‘womb to tomb’ type of Government that provides us with everything, then do nothing because it’s coming or may well be here and we just don’t know it, yet.  However if, We the people…want an America where there is a minimal amount of Government and ‘gimme’ programs then we need to pull our collective head’s out of our collective ass’s and retake control and remake the Government of the United States of America.

Remember only, We the people…can decide which direction we take. Let us hope and pray that it is the correct direction to make it, ‘An American way of life’ that we can all be proud of.


Three Years Later

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I’ve had this blog for over three years and have not published anything as of this date.  I have a blog post written but have never published it.   Now, it seems as though it might be a good time to start posting my thoughts.  It was and still is my intent to blog about what I think, know and feel.  It is my hope that others will find what I write about interesting and/or thoughtful.

Any and all comments and suggestions will be read.  I won’t promise to act on, agree with, or even answer any of them but I’ll  assure you that I will READ them.

So check back often, I may have added a thought to this blog space.